International Caregiver Relief Day Free Event


When love is not enough, this day could bring a little help, hope, & relief; May 2nd is International Caregiver Relief Day It is one entire 24 hours when family caregivers here and all over the world will be appreciated, recognized, honored, and empowered for the self-less work that they do providing care to a loved one.  The international caregiver relief day is organized by the Michigan Care Planning Council, Paramount Care At Home, and the Caregiver Relief Network in collaboration with the elder care planning councils in many other states in the US.  

Why? Because in the caregiving, it is common for the life of the caregiver to be lost in the life of the care recipient. Without a caregiving plan and a conscious effort to commit to selfcare, many family caregivers live in sadness, isolation, depression, and poor health. Family caregivers are invisible heroes in every family and in many countries. The goal of the International Caregiver Relief Day is to raise awareness of the significance and impact of family caregiving and to empower family caregivers with a plan for caregiving and a plan for selfcare so that together, we can transform caregiving into a gratifying experience. 

Who will benefit from this virtual event? Any family caregiver, friends, and family members involved in caregiving and business owners whose employees are, also, family caregivers. The event is free, but registration is required.    

Where & How? It is a virtual event that will be live streamed for the entire world to participate in. Participants will have different live (small) and virtual activities to engage in during that 24 hours period. There will be local sites/hubs in several cities in the United States for local participation and engagement. 

What to do if you are interested? Register NOW.

What to expect after you register: You will receive a facebook invite and an email with all the details, links to connect and phone numbers to call so that you can participate in this very important virtual gathering. You will get a virtual workbook and even a small gift so stay tuned and look out for the emails and facebook posts.  

Dress code: Although it is virtual, could your wear something TURQUOISE? That is the color that we use to say thank you for CARING. Questions? Email to or call 734-419-9925