Assisted Living At Home

This service is gaining the most popularity due to many older adults not wanting to move from home

It is around the clock care delivered in 24 hours shifts. It is a good alternative for the person who needs 24 hours care, companionship, and supervision, but rather remain in their own home. In many cases, the care recipient would use this care program a month or two after a post hospital or post rehab care program. 

The care program is designed to not only support independence, but to promote quality of life and health through improved sleep, better nutrition, activities of daily living, socialization, and companionship. 

The care plan is designed by a registered nurse and the services are performed by certified home care aides and certified nursing assistants. The level of care influences the design of the care program. 


Goals & Benefits of the assisted Living at home Program

Care will come into the home so that a move is not needed, if the wish is to stay at home.

Costs range from $11.95 to$18.00 per hour for 24 hour care, delivered in 24 hour shifts. It can be more affordable than a private room in a nursing home.

You choose the caregiver and payment program that suits your situation, care is completely customizable to fit your needs.

The caregivers have advanced training in Parkinson's, Dementia, and Post Surgical Care.